Invite Jeff to speak and/or work with your organization


January 27

Taft FBC Sunday Morning Services

April 19

North Coast Church, Edge, Good Friday Services

April 30

One Day Event Presenter, Saddleback Church

May 5

GSSD Sunday Service Speaker

May 16

Navigate Life Conference Men’s Breakout Speaker, North Coast Church

June 9-14

Forest Home Camp Speaker

June 23-28

ZONA Camp Speaker

July 7

Jakes House Church Sunday Morning Speaker, 8:30am & 10am

July 14-19

The Grove Community Church HS Summer Camp Speaker

September 1

Canvas Church Sunday 11am Service Speaker. Escondido, California

September 7-8

Coastline Church Weekend Speaker. Carlsbad, California

September 22

Seven Oaks Church Sunday Morning Speaker. Visalia, California

October 15-16

Sticky Teams Conference Breakout Session Presenter. Vista, California

October 20

Venture Church Sunday Service Speaker. Encinitas, California


April 22 Resound Church

Portland, OR

April 29 GGSC Church

San Francisco, CA

May 18-19 Grow U Conference

Redding, CA

May 27 LBFB Church

Long Beach, CA

June 17 Torrance FBC

Torrance, CA

July 8 Turning Point Community Church

Lubbock, TX

July 15 Grace City Church

Anaheim, CA

July 21-23 Rise Conference

Oahu, HI

August 1-3 Encounter Conference

Spokane, WA

August 12 GSCSD Church

San Diego, CA

Sept 8-9 Champion Center Church

Las Vegas, NV

Sept 11 The Church LV – LVBC

Las Vegas, NV

October 5 Vivid Worship Event

Oceanside, CA

October 12 Outside the Bowl Gala

Carlsbad, CA

October 16-17 Sticky Teams Conference

Vista, CA

October 21 Coast City Church

Oceanside, CA