Invite Jeff to speak and/or work with your organization


January 27

Taft FBC Sunday Morning Services

April 19

North Coast Church, Edge, Good Friday Services

April 30

One Day Event Presenter, Saddleback Church

May 5

GSSD Sunday Service Speaker

May 16

Navigate Life Conference Men’s Breakout Speaker, North Coast Church

June 9-14

Forest Home Camp Speaker


Venture Church College Night Speaker

June 23-28

ZONA Camp Speaker

July 7

Jakes House Church Sunday Morning Speaker, 8:30am & 10am

July 14-19

The Grove Community Church HS Summer Camp Speaker

July 21

Venture Church Sunday Morning Speaker, 9am & 10:45am


April 22 Resound Church

Portland, OR

April 29 GGSC Church

San Francisco, CA

May 18-19 Grow U Conference

Redding, CA

May 27 LBFB Church

Long Beach, CA

June 17 Torrance FBC

Torrance, CA

July 8 Turning Point Community Church

Lubbock, TX

July 15 Grace City Church

Anaheim, CA

July 21-23 Rise Conference

Oahu, HI

August 1-3 Encounter Conference

Spokane, WA

August 12 GSCSD Church

San Diego, CA

Sept 8-9 Champion Center Church

Las Vegas, NV

Sept 11 The Church LV – LVBC

Las Vegas, NV

October 5 Vivid Worship Event

Oceanside, CA

October 12 Outside the Bowl Gala

Carlsbad, CA

October 16-17 Sticky Teams Conference

Vista, CA

October 21 Coast City Church

Oceanside, CA